Project Management

Project Management

At A E Talley, we service greater Philadelphia region that includes Philadelphia, New Jersey, surrounding suburbs. We have been project managers since 2008. As project managers, our well established network of contractors keep us as a top choice for your specific needs. Our personnel are first rate and utilize a select group of subcontractors who have proved themselves with high quality work and the ability to maintain the project’s timeline. 

We pride ourselves on our integrity, accountability, and clarity in providing the best possible service regardless of the size or complexity of your project.
A E Talley is committed to:
∙ Confidential and Ethical Bidding
∙ Prompt Payment
∙ Efficient and Best Practices for Project Management
∙ Organization and Support
∙ Safety and Quality


Since April 2008, A E Talley we service greater Philadelphia region that includes New Jersey and the surrounding suburbs. We understand the construction process, research industry standards to achieve the best possible outcomes. We dedicate ourselves to satisfying our core customers. A E Talley Construction will complete your project on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction. Working with A E Talley often pays for itself in savings on cost overruns, waste and contractor mistakes. These and other problems could typically overextend the budget and waste your valuable time. As construction project managers, we handle all phases of a construction project.

Whether you already have a builder or choose to work with our established network of contractors, A E Talley Construction supervises every detail of the construction process from beginning to end. As an owner’s representative, our goal is to manage the project, whether it is a simple remodeling project or a complex ground up. We identify the scope of work by working closely with contractors. In addition, we establish schedules and budgets and as a project management construction company, we help owners understand the total impact of a project. There are no guarantees that a project will go completely smoothly. However, anticipating problems in advance and solving those problems before they become costly delays is what we do best.

Take a look at one of our videos showing a project management project.


It all starts with a conversation about your next project. Bring us into the conversation early, and plan for a better build.